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Natalie Reece 


San Francisco, California


April 2016


US: San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Evanston, Columbus, Denver

Abroad: Lisbon, Barcelona, Florence, Paris, London



Be You and Be True to You. All Else Will Follow.

frequently asked questions about Wordsmeetwalls//natalie: 

What comes first the wall or the words?

This is probably the most common question I get about WordsMeetWalls. About 95% of the time, the words come before I ever lay eyes on the walls. I typically will sit and draw/write multiple quotes at one time in my little black journal(s). I never really have a wall in mind when I'm writing.

I pretty much always have my journal with me. If I don't, I feel a bit naked, and worse, worried that I'll miss the perfect wall for one of my quotes. Sometimes I head to areas that I know are flooded with street art, but other times the perfect wall seems to just magically appear saying, "Choose me! I'm the perfect one for that quote!". Beautiful serendipity. 

Did you go to art school/are you a trained artist? 

I'm flattered, but no, I did not. Honestly, I still feel a bit weird when people call me an "artist". Creative, I can easily own, but artist is taking me a bit to get used to. 

I studied business in my undergrad, and although I've always felt like I had a flare of creativity, it wasn't until post college that I really found who I am through creating, and art. I still have so much to learn about who I am as a creative. 

Where do you find your quotes? 

I find the majority of my quotes through Pinterest, Instagram, and books that I'm reading, but a lot of them I've had stored in my memory for years. I've been collecting quotes since I was about 18. Though sadly, I've lost the original 20+ page word document that I started with. 

What's your favorite post you've done? 

Ughh.... I really can't choose... but as of right now (6:17 PM August 20th) I would say this one. Ask me again tomorrow. :) 

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by anyone who has decided to follow their own path and be unapologetically themselves. I love seeing someone who listened to their hearts and souls over their fears and criticism. I'm inspired to be someone who is always curiously creative. 

Can I regram/share your work? 

HELL YEAH YOU CAN! But please do me a favor and tag me in the photo and caption! It helps me keep track of where my work is going and helps me connect with tons of lovely people like you. 

Evanston, Illinois

Evanston, Illinois

Astoria, Queens

Astoria, Queens


As you've probably gathered, I'm Natalie, the creator of WordsMeetWalls, and I don't do the whole "write your bio in 3rd person" thing. 

I'm originally from Columbus, Ohio, and a graduate of Ohio University. I currently reside in New York City, but I have also lived in Chicago, London, and San Francisco. 

When I'm not doing WordsMeetWalls, you can find me doing yoga or some other form of exercise, drinking kombucha (and obsessing about it), exploring the city, traveling, and reading. 

Things that make my heart skip a beat when I see them: beautiful street art, any art that is bold/bright/clean cut, buckets of flowers (seriously), and sunsets. You could say I'm an aspiring hippie. 

Something you might not guess from reading my posts: despite my reflective posts, I am a bit (or a lot) sarcastic. I find pretty much everything funny. 

What else, what else .... My favorite place in the world is Paris. My favorite flower is an Iris. To me, dark chocolate is 1032x better than milk chocolate. I have a reoccurring New Years Resolution to go to 3 new places every year. 

42 is my answer to life, the universe, and everything.